Announcing SharpML


Today we’re proud to announce the launch of SharpML, a machine learning consultancy founded by Brandon Wan, Garett Johnson, and Kurt McIntire. We’re on a mission to make machine learning work for everyday businesses.

You don’t need to be a billion dollar tech company to perform image recognition. You don’t always need petabytes of data to develop an e-commerce recommendation engine. And you don’t need to hire an army of PhDs to detect objects in a live video feed. What you need is a trusted team that can break down how machine learning can help your business.

As individuals, we at SharpML have spent our careers building world-class software for healthcare, education, networking, and finance companies. Now as a team, we’re ready to walk your business through every step of the machine learning process - from discovery, to strategy, to implementation. Shoot us an email or drop your email address in our contact form. We’d love to chat.


Kurt McIntire,
Garett Johnson,
Brandon Wan,

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